How to Rebound from Holiday Burnout

Stressed about Christmas

The holidays are coming to a close and your brain that was busy with all of the ‘mind traffic’ of the season is starting to come down off that frenzy. As with most women I know, in my house the magic of the holiday season rests mostly on my shoulders – from party planning, to gift purchasing, to making sure traditions and special moments aren’t forgotten. I LOVE it all… but it’s also sometimes a lot. Questioning if I did “enough” for each and every person can be exhausting.

Well, this year I had to pare my usual preparations waaaay down as I found myself in a bind with the timing of it all. My husband and I did a major renovation on our home this year, and as bad luck with construction delays would have it, much of the finishing work and moving fell between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This forced me to put the usual holiday planning on a shelf… no tree decorating, or visits with Santa, or cookie baking. While it was hard to scale back, in the end, we still made memories, had special moments, and enjoyed the magic of the season.

This year, specifically, taught me it’s okay to say, “No.” It’s okay to miss out on a holiday concert or breakfast with Santa sometimes – I still did “enough” because there is no real definition to that word. Even though we as women in our society beat ourselves up over the impossible concept of perfection, we can take steps towards balance and fulfillment without frenzy. We can stop measuring ourselves to a standard that doesn’t exist. And it’s important that we do; perfectionism can lead to mental health issues.*

*Source: Harvard Medical School

So, what can you do?

  1. Practice self care. The term “self care” buzzes around us a lot in our crazy, busy lives but what does it actually mean? It means taking time out for YOU, doing whatever it is that makes you feel alive and rejuvenated. So book that nail appointment you thought you didn’t have time for, make a date with your favorite book and cozy chair, or get out and exercise (which we know produces endorphins, thanks to Elle Woods).
  2. Divide and conquer. Did you fall behind on an assignment in your career or a project at home because of the busy holiday season? Don’t let your looming task list bog you down. Sit down and let it all out in the weekly Brain Dump section of your new Boldly Go Productivity Planner.
  3. Don’t forget to delegate. When I have a lot going on, my natural response is to just make it all happen by myself. But it’s important in busy, and not-so-busy times, to take the help. Whether it’s at home or at the office, if someone can check a to-do off your list for you, take the help!

I also want to know how you unwind or balance the crazy in your life. Drop me a line with your best tip!


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