Coronavirus Schedule for Working at Home

I've been working from home, at least part-time, for as long as I've been a parent (9 years). I've always been asked how I can get a full day of work done, and while I'll admit some days are harder than others, and some children are easier to accomplish this with than others, it can [...]

The One Degree Difference

Today is February 12, or 2/12. To most, it's not a noteworthy date. However, if you're looking for symbolism, it's there. My spinning teacher, Angie, pointed that out this morning while pushing our class, as she always does, to dig a little deeper and give a little more. She's the kind of teacher who, every [...]

How to Rebound from Holiday Burnout

The holidays are coming to a close and your brain that was busy with all of the 'mind traffic' of the season is starting to come down off that frenzy. As with most women I know, in my house the magic of the holiday season rests mostly on my shoulders – from party planning, to [...]