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Maximize your time.
Maximize your life.

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Do more in less time.

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Reduce stress and anxiety.

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Live your best life.

``Life is too short not to have a plan.``

Does it feel like you’re just getting by some days? Do you have difficulty finding time for the things that are most important to you? Are you tired of being average when you know you can be great? You’re not alone. We used to struggle with these things too.







Our Productivity Products

Boldly Productivity Planner

Boldly Productivity Planner
Bi-Annual Subscription

$53.70 every 6 months

Boldly Productivity Planner

Boldly Productivity Planner
Monthly Subscription

$9.95 every month

Boldly Go Notebook

Boldly Go Notebook


The Boldly Productivity Planner

Boldly Productivity Planner – 6-month undated

The Boldly Productivity Planner isn’t the glorified notebook you’d find in most stores. You know, the ones with just enough space to write your to-do list. Our unique layout supports our proven methodology that helps you achieve more in less time, find more balance, and live your best life.


  • Easy to follow instructions so you can plan like a pro
  • Proprietary layout proven to help you capture it all and balance the most important areas of your life
  • Free ongoing support, learning videos, and pro tips

$59.95 $53.70

How it works:

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Order Your Planner

Subscribe to the 6-month planner and receive a new planner every six months so you don’t have to think about ordering a new one when you need it.

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Planner Ships to You

Your Boldly Go Planner ships directly to your doorstep. Review the easy-to-follow directions within (or watch the quick video we’ll send you via email) so you understand how to plan your day and conquer your life.

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Start Planning Like a Pro

Start using your Boldly Go Planner and maximizing your life. But don’t forget, we’re here for you! We’ll send you pro tips, learning videos, and general time management wisdom along the way.

What is Boldly?

Boldly + Co. is a company designed to enhance your productivity. When you maximize your time, focus on your priorities, and find your balance, you can live your best life.

Our Products

The foundation of our company, The Boldly Go Productivity Planner, was created for you. We’ve also created a customized offering of chic products and accessories for you so everything can #coordinate.

About Us

We’re just like you. We’ve struggled with impossible to-do lists, staying organized, and finding balance. We’ve spent years researching and developing our flagship product: the Boldly Go Productivity Planner. While our partnership started in early 2018, our friendship began 30+ years ago…

Boldly plus Co. News

Our goal is to enhance other lives. We love sharing stories, tips to help you maximize your day, and inspiration along the way.

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