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We’re Boldly + Co.

a productivity company

We give our clients a fierce edge that others want but can’t seem to find.

We can help you:

The competition doesn't have
what we have, because we aren't like the rest.

The unique difference: we DON’T focus on productivity first. Instead, we land on productivity as a result of focusing on:







Most companies focus on one or some of these things, but we’ve taken our years of experience, research, and development to find the best ways to combine these into a fully encompassing, inspiring education and ultimately a way of life. 


Coaching + Workshops

Productivity Tools

Don’t know what you need?


89% of workers

admit to wasting time every day at work, with an average of almost 

3 out of 8 hours

doing non-work activities 

The average employee is interrupted

56 times per day

while at work. 

The interruption isn’t the problem, it’s the time to refocus after being interrupted (taking up to 2 hours per day).

20% of workers

purposefully waste time at work because they’re bored, uninterested, dissatisfied, or don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing.


When you implement our methods, tools, and teachings, you see immediate results beyond productivity:

Increased output

Improved health + well-being

Greater employee retention + loyalty

More active engagement

Elevated business maturity + culture


Our Bold Founders

Meet our founders, Nina Ferraro and Mary Manthei. Both Wisconsin natives and UW Badger alumni, they began their friendship in kindergarten and reconnected three decades later to form Boldly + Co.

They were both passionate about productivity and well-being after leading successful individual careers in corporate environments that left much to be desired. Nina and Mary vowed to help others develop not only successful careers and businesses, but fulfilling lifestyles as well.



After earning a degree in Business Administration, Nina enthusiastically began her career working for Epic Systems Corporation. She later became an Executive Director, helping eight Wisconsin-based hospitals and their presidents create business, work, and funding plans for needs that required the support of information systems and resources. After living and breathing the corporate world for 13 years, Nina became an entrepreneur. She invests in real estate throughout the country and specializes in leading workshops and coaching teams through Boldly + Co.



Mary started out by earning her degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Women’s Studies. She began her career working in several types of corporate settings before venturing into the entrepreneurial world. She has dedicated her spare time to numerous non-profit organizations, developing experience on issues such as youth programs, housing insecurity, and community relations. Since 2018, Mary has brought her creative and organization skills, as well as her corporate experience (the good, bad, and ugly), to Boldly + Co.

What is Boldly?

Boldly + Co. is a company designed to enhance your productivity. When you maximize your time, focus on your priorities, and find your balance, you can live your best life.

Our Productivity Tools

The foundation of our company, The Boldly Productivity Planner, was created for you. It is a highly successful tool to help you achieve your goals and maximize productivity.

Boldly plus Co. News

Our goal is to enhance other lives. We love sharing stories, tips to help you maximize your time, and inspiration along the way.

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