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  • Leadership isn't about being in charge.
  • It's about taking care of those in your charge.
  • ~Simon Sinek


Engaged employees are 

59% more likely

to stay.

20% of workers

purposefully waste time at work because they’re bored, uninterested, dissatisfied, or don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing.

When employees feel balanced between work and life, 

they are 2x happier.

Companies that have happy employees see

20% greater performance.

Less than 60%

of the time at work is actually spent working. 

Depending on the employee, 

the other 40%

may still be spent on work-related tasks but ones that aren’t actually productive  (e.g., ineffective meetings, e-mails, and interruptions).

89% of workers

admit to wasting time every day at work, with an average of almost 

3 out of 8 hours

doing non-work activities. 

Reasons for this wasted time and ineffectiveness include: not understanding the plan and what they should be working on, ineffective meetings, ineffective communication (specifically e-mail), and interruptions.

The average employee is interrupted

56 times per day

while at work. 

The interruption isn’t the problem, it’s the time to refocus after being interrupted (taking up to 2 hours per day).

Boldly + Co. provides innovative coaching, courses, and workshops on seven core topics. You can master these in a number of ways based on your availability and learning style.

Learn, step by step, how to create an inspiring and hyper-focused vision for your life and business. The result: a blueprint that guides your life and company strategy in the near and long-term.

We’ll teach you how to translate your life and/or company vision from the Business Blueprint into a detailed plan of action every 90 days, in synchronized order and conscientious understanding as to how realistic the plan of action is. The result: building blocks that lead you into immediate implementation.

We’ll show you how to use Boldly + Co.’s powerful daily and weekly planning and productivity method. This proprietary method, based on years of research focused on productivity, action, and wellness, brings even the highest of performers into an elite space.

Learn how to adjust key behaviors in your life in order to make powerful mindset shifts – which inevitably – lead to increased productivity. This results in reduced stress and anxiety, improved wellness, increased organization, and added joy.

We provide both group and individual coaching each month, to ensure that each person and team are: operating at their peak levels, using the systems/processes established, being held accountable, and feeling good during this time of transition.

We teach a company leader how to set proper expectations for a remote team. Additionally, it provides communication ideas and suggestions that most leaders don’t consider necessary but are extremely important to your team.

We teach company leaders how to put on their “Chief Planning Officer” hats and confirm that team members’ actions, plans, and behaviors are in alignment with company vision.

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