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    What can Boldly + Co. do for you?

    Although we’ve been at this awhile, some may still be trying to figure out the balancing act of juggling remote work and family life. How do you find it to stay sane and be successful?

    If you’re feeling the struggle, I highly recommend a conversation with Nina Ferraro of Boldly + Co.! Since working with her, I have found ways to improve upon prioritization and organization. She, and her business partner, Mary, will help you focus on priorities, maximize your time, and find the right balance to live your best life!
    You should really check it out! boldlyandco.com

    Sarah Cousland

    Talent Acquisition | Recruiter | Human Resources
    It was such a pleasure to spend time with at our workshop learning the Boldly way. Your methods and advice will be implemented into my daily routine. I was able to touch on 3 challenges today and found them most helpful. Thank you, I look forward to speaking with you in the future.

    Celia Szieber

    Director of Investor Relations, Integrity Holdings Group
    Integrity Holdings Group partnered with Boldly + Co. over the past few days to take the company to the next level. To teach our people how to “rise and grind”? No. How to “hustle harder”? Nope. These cliches that entrepreneurs adopt, celebrate, and pass on to their team members creates unhealthy mindsets, stress levels and lifestyles. We spent the last few days talking about efficiency, productivity and how to incorporate our well being into the business model with accountability and actionable steps. How to work smarter, not harder. How to give people more time back. How to be healthier. Reach out to Nina Gabrielle Ferraro and get her out to your business. If you care about your people and want to have burnout of employees a thing of the past- look no further than the boldly methodology.

    Steven Libman

    Managing Partner, Integrity Holdings Group
    Tomorrow Integrity Holdings Group is closing the doors for 2 days to work with Nina Ferraro from Boldly + Co. to help our team prioritize our calendars to be more mindful, efficient , productive and ultimately more conducive to a balanced life… none of us strive to be “busy” all the time. I dropped this word from my vocabulary years ago and it’s made a world of difference, but we can do better. We can be better. I can be a better business owner, a better child of God, a better husband, a better dad. It starts with accountability with where I spend my time. Important days ahead. Our team is comprised of people that catch the vision, are in the right seats, and fit the culture perfectly. Now to help them create the life they want.

    Steven Libman

    Managing Partner, Integrity Holdings Group
    Lots of great practical steps to take immediately to help both us as owners and our people create more space in our lives and be more effective.

    Steven Libman

    Managing Partner, Integrity Holdings Group
    I Cannot. Say. Enough about Nina Ferraro and Mary Manthei. An idea is just an idea unless you do something about it and honestly I was a bit paralyzed by what to do AFTER I had the idea. These talented ladies guided me through everything and were key to helping me fill in the gaps of my own knowledge. They helped me with a business framework, full branding and Marketing materials, Website and all the other items that I would have otherwise overlooked. Thanks to them The Comfort Concierge is a real professional business right out of the gate. They are extremely talented, have wonderful personalities offering the perfect balance of persistance/patience and accountability. Seriously I cannot say enough about them.

    Raquel Charrois

    Owner, The Comfort Concierge
    Working with Boldly+ Co has been a game changer for me! I was ready for a new perspective in my career that would open up additional opportunities to enhance my talents. Having Nina for a coach was beyond helpful. Together we walked through the Boldly Blueprint and implemented a plan for how I would approach my consulting business. I was able to turn that plan into action by breaking down my future goals, marketing strategy, and initial tasks. I’ve really enjoyed using the 90 day task system and have found it motivates me to stay on track in my Boldly productivity planner. Since I’ve started using Boldly+ Co methods, I’ve noticed I am 5x’s more productive and often ahead in my weekly tasks!

    Abby Waters

    Healthcare Consultant, Therapy Strong Consulting Group
    I love your planner it’s great. I’m using it every day and it absolutely increased my productively for sureeee!!!

    Amir Erez

    CEO, Fair Deal Home Buyers

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