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What Do You Label Yourself?

My extended family has been through a lot this year. Life can be hard, but hard times can show us what we're made of. We find strength we never knew we had, strength even when we're not looking for it. Our family took a vacation amongst it all that ended up being very therapeutic. One [...]

Nina takes D.C., Part 1

As my little family ventured out to Washington D.C. on our first ever road trip, I was able to take in so many amazing and striking sights - from the Washington Monument, to World War II Memorial, to the White House and beyond.   Anytime I visit a big, booming, and busy city, it leaves [...]

Nina takes D.C., Part 2

While on our road trip with our family, my husband and I were able to venture out in Washington D.C. by ourselves while our children visited with family.  During our day together, we had the opportunity to see the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, and Vietnam Memorial.  I was astonished by the [...]

Organize Your Inbox to Serve You Well

As my life has become busier over the years, I’ve found that my organization and planning must extend into other areas of my life - so as to make everything as simple and easy as possible on a day-to-day basis.  My closets, my grocery list, and my makeup case are no exception. Everything has a [...]