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How to Reduce Your Stress with 7 Quick Tips

In our busy world we often hear our clients tell us that they are “too busy” for planning, organizing, taking care of themselves, and more. When we ask them, “Then what do you have time for?”, they often rattle off a lie telling us that they only truly have time for work, some interaction with [...]

How to Pack your Troop for a Trip

I love the expression, "Real queens fix each other's crowns." I'm a firm believer in sharing best practices instead of pretending things just *happen* to work out for me when they do. So while you might be thinking, "What does packing for vacation have to do with a personal planner?", I'm just going to jump right [...]

Organize Your Inbox to Serve You Well

As my life has become busier over the years, I’ve found that my organization and planning must extend into other areas of my life - so as to make everything as simple and easy as possible on a day-to-day basis.  My closets, my grocery list, and my makeup case are no exception. Everything has a [...]