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The Perfect Family Picture… Not!

Listen, I have six… yes, six… kids. While this picture appears pulled together, the real story is that it was taken after they participated in a half-mile parade in 90 degree heat and awful humidity. They were so miserable and didn’t want to take the picture. It’s not often that we can get all of [...]

White Couches and Kids Don’t Mix…

We were at my brother and sister-in-law’s house, who have no children and a home that is basically all-white-everything… from couches, to cabinets, to carpet. I can’t even begin to tell you how nervous and anxious I was  that one of my kids was going to break something, get their dog wound up, get [...]

Just Wingin’ It As a Mother of 5…

  As a mother of five children... yes, five... it's almost impossible to get perfect pictures. This is our attempt at taking a family picture with Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas Day. This is literally the best we got. While I'm sure that most people assume I must totally have it together to raise five [...]

The Toddler & The Tricycle

  To all the mommas out there concerned about not being the most #pinterestworthy mom, take comfort in knowing that my real life is not made up of perfect pictures. My real life is my toddler… coloring, not picking up, riding her tricycle inside the house, and living her best life half-naked. Our life is chaotic [...]

The Meltdown at the Bowling Alley…

Yes, I had a total meltdown at the bowling alley a few weeks ago. On social media, I posted nothing that day... which, I'm sure, led everyone to believe that all was well and nothing was askew.  The reality was that - from the moment I woke up - the whole day was already wrong. [...]

No Photographs, Please!

At the time this picture was taken, my husband and I had just purchased our first home together. My little one was just 3 days old (so our house was at least still clean at this point, ha!). What you don’t see in this picture is me.    I didn’t want to be photographed 3 [...]

The Saddest Thing About Divorce…

While this picture shows me smiling and festive at the annual St. Patrick’s parade, the truth is that I felt like I'd been hit with a ton of bricks. This was the first St. Patrick’s Day parade I had been to without my older kids from my first marriage. I’ve taken them to this parade [...]

She’ll Move Mountains One Day…

On social media, I captioned this picture with “This never happens anymore. #iwilltakeit” While that part was true, what I didn't share was that I felt like an imposter not telling the entire story. My daughter, Sydney, has an amazing, big, and spirited personality. She loves me hard, but she also fights with me hard. [...]

How to Share Your Stories for “Happy Real Year!”

Boldly + Co. is looking for your story, whether short or long, good or bad, embarrassing or vulnerable, hilarious or cringe-worthy. We want to let people know that our real lives - imperfections and all - are what make us more alike than we are different... and that we can stop comparing ourselves to others and start [...]