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7 Figure Flipping

7 Figure Flipping (7FF) is a premier, nationwide coaching company for serious real-estate investors who want to build thriving, consistent, profitable businesses flipping and wholesaling houses. Many of our members grow 6-, 7-, and 8-figure companies with our guidance, coaching, and support. 

Between our first mastermind in 2016 to the end of 2020, 7FF grew 700% and we knew we needed to provide more support than ever before. Our community was chomping at the bit to unlock their potential as real estate investors and we had learned a few things along the way to help shortcut that learning curve. 

First and foremost, the key to doing anything new is to have FOCUS. We have seen that the most successful investors are able to harness their focus into a laser-beam of intensity and accomplish more in 1 year than others accomplish in a decade. We brought Boldly + Co. in to help our new investors learn this critical skill and stick with it!

So, we contracted with Boldly + Co., a productivity company, for a full year to provide 1-1 and small group productivity and business planning coaching to 100 of our Runway mastermind members. This also included licensing Boldly + Co.’s digital courses and tools for its members to use as needed. 

This opportunity was helpful, because it allowed us (7FF) to focus on content that we specialize in yet supplement with things – from Boldly + Co. – that our members were wanting and needing. 

Working with Boldly + Co. helped our members move their lives and businesses forward in significant ways, which is exactly what we were seeking, and it provided us the opportunity to spend our time on growing our business.

I began my journey with 7FF in 2016 as a member and used the tools and community to grow my business from 6 deals/year to 60+ deals, and figured out that my superpower is community building and processes. When Bill bought the company in 2019 he asked me to come onboard full time to help other real estate investors unlock their potential.  I’ve spent the past 2 years heading up the membership group for our 3 masterminds and I am obsessed with delivering the absolute best member experience possible and getting our investors to succeed at levels they previously only dreamed of!  I also continue to invest in real estate and love watching my real estate skills grow alongside our members.

Beka Shea


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