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Build + Boom Your Business Workshop Reviews

What our past attendees had to say:

Integrity Holdings Group partnered with Boldly + Co. over the past few days to take the company to the next level. To teach our people how to “rise and grind”? No. How to “hustle harder”? Nope. These cliches that entrepreneurs adopt, celebrate, and pass on to their team members creates unhealthy mindsets, stress levels and lifestyles. We spent the last few days talking about efficiency, productivity and how to incorporate our well being into the business model with accountability and actionable steps. How to work smarter, not harder, how to give people more time back, how to be healthier. Reach out to Nina and get her out to your business. If you care about your people and want to have burnout of employees a thing of the past- look no further than the boldly methodology.

Steven Libman

Managing Partner, Integrity Holdings Group
It was such a pleasure to spend time with you and the team this week learning the Boldly way. Your methods and advice will be implemented into my daily routine. I was able to touch on 3 challenges today and found them most helpful. Thank you!

Celia Szieber

Directory of Investor Relations, Integrity Holdings Group
Working with Boldly + Co. has been a game changer for me! I was ready for a new perspective in my career that would open up additional opportunities to enhance my talents. Having Nina for a coach was beyond helpful. Together we walked through the Boldly Blueprint and implemented a plan for how I would approach my consulting business. I was able to turn that plan into action by breaking down my future goals, marketing strategy, and initial tasks. I’ve really enjoyed using the 90 day task system and have found it motivates me to stay on track in my Boldly productivity planner. Since I’ve started using Boldly+ Co. methods, I’ve noticed I am 5x more productive and often ahead in my weekly tasks!

Abby Waters

Healthcare Consultant, Therapy Strong Consulting Group

What was your favorite part about the workshop?

“I loved that we were able to put what was being taught into immediate practice! It gave me the opportunity to ask questions as I went and make sure I was completing each task correctly. Plus it gave me a head start and the motivation to keep going!”

“I enjoyed the inclusion of time to work on the concepts that were presented. The work time was also an appropriate length, not too long or short.  Thank you for adhering closely to the schedule.  I also thought the smaller group size was nice, as it seemed more personal.”

“It’s hard to choose one part as a favorite. I guess starting with the Blueprint and having an example for inspiration. It put me in the right frame of mind to get focused for the goals and building blocks. Having time to work on this during the class was also important.”

“Having Nina and Mary assist us in the Boldly + Co. Blueprint!”

“The energy! I left feeling empowered with the tools to provide me with the jumpstart I’ve been needing to take my business to the next level.”

Would you recommend this workshop to others?

“Absolutely!  You both did an outstanding job.”

“Absolutely.  I thought it was genuinely helpful, interesting, and motivating.”

“Absolutely. The approach you take is laid out in a way that is easy to both understand and apply to various business models. A little something for everyone!”

“Yes, I think it was a good reset. I started the following Monday with a greater sense of inner calm having planned the week out. Even though my open times get shifted from day to day making it hard to preplan, I could still move the priority items and stay on track.”

“YES! This is an opportunity ot think big and beyond the day to day. It gives you permission to dream and focus your efforts on achieving that dream. EVERY business owner should be able to answer these questions. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know you got there?!”

Is there anything unexpected/not advertised that you learned/gained in this workshop that you think is beneficial to others?

“How my blueprint is aligned with my personal and business goals. It all works together. Oh, and how my money needs to work for me!”

“I have seen your videos on 7 Figure Flipping so I was already informed of what you were going to be sharing.”