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The Toddler & The Tricycle

No Parenting Expert


To all the mommas out there concerned about not being the most #pinterestworthy mom, take comfort in knowing that my real life is not made up of perfect pictures. My real life is my toddler… coloring, not picking up, riding her tricycle inside the house, and living her best life half-naked. Our life is chaotic and a bit messy, but that’s what makes it perfect.






Program Manager
Youth Organization for Girls & Young Women

About The Author

Nina Ferraro
Nina Ferraro
Nina is a creative strategist, who loves to put on her rose-colored glasses, look to the future, and see all the amazing possibilities around her. After a 13-year career in healthcare technology strategy, Nina decided to pursue her passions as a serial entrepreneur. Nina's ultimate goal is to help others maximize their lives in meaningful ways.