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She’ll Move Mountains One Day…

"This never happens anymore. #iwilltakeit"

On social media, I captioned this picture with “This never happens anymore. #iwilltakeit” While that part was true, what I didn’t share was that I felt like an imposter not telling the entire story.

My daughter, Sydney, has an amazing, big, and spirited personality. She loves me hard, but she also fights with me hard. Some days, it feels like everything is an argument. I can totally see myself in her.  She constantly argues, and while I know that will serve her well when she’s older and needs to speak up for herself, it’s incredibly difficult to deal with as her mom when she is still a child.

I took this picture after she argued with me endlessly… she argued like a teenager would, and not the little 5 year old she is. Our argument ended with me feeling like I was about to lose my mind and her passing out on top of me.

While I wish I could be the perfect mom with the most perfectly-behaved child, it’s in these imperfect moments that I’m reminded that my life is real, authentic, and sometimes messy. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Nina Ferraro
Nina Ferraro
Nina is a creative strategist, who loves to put on her rose-colored glasses, look to the future, and see all the amazing possibilities around her. After a 13-year career in healthcare technology strategy, Nina decided to pursue her passions as a serial entrepreneur. Nina's ultimate goal is to help others maximize their lives in meaningful ways.