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No Photographs, Please!

Beauty in Imperfections

At the time this picture was taken, my husband and I had just purchased our first home together. My little one was just 3 days old (so our house was at least still clean at this point, ha!). What you don’t see in this picture is me. 


I didn’t want to be photographed 3 days after having a baby, even though I should have been rejoicing at the idea of our new home and beautiful new baby being brought into the world. While I wish I hadn’t been so afraid to be pictured, this was my reality at the time.



Chief Design Officer & Active Alderperson
Technology Industry

About The Author

Nina Ferraro
Nina Ferraro
Nina is a creative strategist, who loves to put on her rose-colored glasses, look to the future, and see all the amazing possibilities around her. After a 13-year career in healthcare technology strategy, Nina decided to pursue her passions as a serial entrepreneur. Nina's ultimate goal is to help others maximize their lives in meaningful ways.